Meet Our Therapists

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Diane M. Kanous,

I am a Solution Focused, Cognitive‑Behavioral Therapist, which concentrates on problem solving rather than the situation itself. I create an environment that fosters the feeling that you have an advocate who helps you navigate through situations, which may be difficult. I love being a therapist and that comes through by demonstrating a genuine concern with the issues you bring forth. I am committed to engaging in meaningful dialogue with you in order to recognize and help foster an understanding of your struggles, needs, and personal goals. I will also strive to enable you to find strategies to cope with and resolve any issues.

I work with couples, individuals, children, and adolescents. My approach has a main goal, which is to build a genuine, client-therapist relationship that will allow us to face your obstacles together and equip you with the tools to overcome them.

My goal after each session is for you to gain a new level of awareness and insight that you may not have had before therapy. A Michigan limited license permits practice under the supervision of a Michigan licensed psychologist. I am supervised by George Starrett Ed.D. - a fully licensed psychologist.
Monica Poucher

Monica Poucher,

Counseling can offer support to make real life changes. I guide individuals to acknowledging conflicts and the ability to work through them. I believe that counseling can benefit anyone. I strive to empower clients to cultivate greater self-esteem and to assist them in developing skills to manage the stress of everyday life. I believe each person is the expert of their own experience. My role is not to tell you how to lead your life, but guide you to identify changes you want for yourself. My goal is to support your authenticity and help you live life more fully.

I have worked with youth and families for over 20 years. I have experience working with teens and understand the struggles they may face.I enjoy working with individuals and families to create healthy relationships. I also understand the pain of losing someone and can help individuals work through their own personal grief.
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Kelle L. Brooks,

Taking the first step towards therapy is often the most difficult. I strive to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which to build a caring and collaborative therapeutic relationship where the client and the therapist work as a team. In working with my clients, I practice a strength‑based approach where helping my clients with wellness, self-growth, and exploration is vital and foremost. I am particularly interested in trying to help clients feel more like the authors of their own lives, so that they can achieve what they hope for in all areas of their life.

I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, and sexual assault/abuse as well as relationship and family conflicts. By utilizing an eclectic approach, I help my clients identify problematic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors so that the necessary skills can be developed to help reduce symptoms.

I am available for appointments Monday‑Friday. I would be happy to arrange a consultation with you and look forward to helping you start your journey to healthier living. Please email me or call me at the number provided and ask for Kelle.
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Elaine Bussema,

Life is a journey of ups and downs. The only thing we can be certain of is that change is inevitable. Developing a therapeutic relationship with the right clinician is an important part of productive therapy and I am here to walk beside you whatever your concerns may be. I enjoy meeting clients' needs by starting therapy where they are comfortable. Using clients' strengths I work to support, educate and empower you to utilize your own knowledge and life skills and provide new information from evidence based treatment methods to address your concerns. Always having a passion for helping others has lent me opportunity for extensive experience in both fields of Human Services and Behavioral Health. I enjoy working with individuals from all backgrounds and have worked extensively the past 5 years with youth ages 10 to 21 to work through both life and school transitions.

Other areas of primary focus include; Adolescents/Young Adults, women's issues, anxiety, depression, life adjustments, emotional regulation, relationships and grief. Modes of treatment also include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, DBT skill building, Mindfulness, Behavioral Activation & Solution Focused techniques.
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Leah Keller,

"There are far better things ahead, than any we leave behind." C.S. Lewis. My aim is to provide a safe/non judgmental environment for my clients to be able to address obstacles and live their best life. I encourage my clients to share their challenges so we can work together to overcome them in ways that feel empowering. My background in crisis management and community mental health has influenced me in the efficient and timely development of strategies and coping skills to help my clients. Evenings and Teletherapy offered.

Much of my treatment experience has focused on mood disorders, emotion regulation issues, healing from trauma, and difficulties with substances. My current work in community mental health allows me access to ongoing training in evidence based therapies, helping me to provide my clients with therapy that works. I offer my clients a range hours and evenings.

As a member of Kanous & Associates Counseling, PLC, I am able to bring my experience and training in the evidence based approaches to my work in private practice. Some approaches I use regularly include: EMDR, CBT, DBT informed, and Motivational Interviewing.
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Haley Nelson,

I provide individual psychotherapy to clients who are experiencing distress in their lives. This includes children, adolescents, adults, and families struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, life changes, and a wide range of psychosocial stressors. I am a graduate of University of Central Florida, Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, a top ten program in the nation. I have experience working in private practice and residential facilities treating severe and persistent mental illnesses. We will work together in defining your goals and figuring out how to approach obstacles you may be facing.

My theoretical orientation is an eclectic blend of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused therapy. Additionally, I have experience utilizing Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and other psychodynamic therapies catered to the clients' needs.

As a counselor, I work collaboratively with my clients. Change comes when we believe in the process and feel a part of its path. I enjoy working with people who have noticed that they are not acting consistent with their values and helping them get back on track to living a more vital, fulfilling, and flexible life.
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Jake Wallin,

Oftentimes reaching out is the most difficult step in the healing process. Whether you are seeking guidance moving through difficult life transitions, coping with trauma, exploring your identity, or working through difficulty in family or romantic relationships, I aim to create a safe and accepting space for you to share your own unique experience. It is my belief that you are the expert on your own life and my role as therapist is to collaborate on process toward your growth and goals as you define them.

I help address these experiences by utilizing a goal‑oriented and solution-focused, Cognitive‑Behavioral Approach (CBT). Alongside CBT, I use strength‑based and trauma‑focused techniques. I work with clients to identify and modify negative thought and behavioral patterns to provide both short-term symptom relief, followed by long-term, lasting change. My goal is to build a safe and therapeutic space for you to explore your day-to-day life experiences, emotions, and thoughts.

Together, we can make sure your needs are met and you are living a more fulfilling life.
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Shannon Birkhold,

Life's challenges can become overwhelming and we can feel anxious, hopeless, depressed, and simply stuck.

I provide individual and family therapy for children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, shame, PTSD, abuse, and addictions. I also have specialty training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in children.
Steve Koster

Steve Koster,

My approach to therapy is collaborative and based in a genuine and caring relationship with my clients. Attending therapy can be very intimidating, especially if you are contemplating therapy for your child. I am a client-centered therapist who believes cognitive-behavioral therapy has been shown to be an extremely effective treatment modality. I am solution focused and strongly believe that the client-therapist relationship and a healthy, positive approach in helping people is of critical importance.

I have over 23 years experience working in the mental health field. I have provided services to adolescents, adults, and families, including anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma/PTSD, anger management issues, sexual behavior problems (including youth who have sexually offended), drug and alcohol issues, youth conduct issues, and school problems. I have been trained and supervised in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, which is especially useful with anxiety and depression. I have been trained and certified in Brief Strategic Family Therapy as well as Multi-systemic Family Therapy and enjoy working with adolescents and families.

Lauren Cooper,

There is no greater joy than to serve and empower others. I believe therapy is relational and my role is to empower and instill hope to adolescents, families, and individuals that may be having challenges overcoming daily life stressors. We will work together to set achievable goals, gain personal insight, and move towards a place of healing in a judgement free zone.